Pineapple Costa Rica easy farm for sale investment

Pineapple Costa Rica is the biggest supplier of pineapple. One of the biggest industries with the worst working conditions. In this article, we will give a detailed description of Pineapple Costa Rica.

pineapple costa rica

1. Do you know that maximum production of pineapples happens at Pineapple Costa Rica? 

Most pineapple production occurs in Latin America. Costa Rice covers the most significant area to generate revenue for the United States of America. About $2000 million per year generates from here

 Almost 58000 hectares are used for pineapple plantations every year. Most European countries import pineapples from Costa Rica. Most giant pineapple production uses toxic agrochemicals and is declared illegal through the European Union. It also contributes to polluting the water supplies.

 According to the market of the United States, one Costa Rican pineapple costs around $0.43 per kilogram in 2019. Costa Rica’s Pineapple industry plays a massive role in the economic growth of the United States of America.

Pineapple Costa Rica possesses way too many social, health, and environmental problems. We will discuss a few of them below. 

2. What kind of social problems does  Costa Rica face?

Costa Rica provides wages for so many workers. Most people who work in Costa Rica are migrants from Nicaragua. 

They usually come from poor backgrounds; that’s why they settle for little salaries even though they work long hours in hazardous working conditions. Their families live on water contamination. Now think about all the health problems they have to face.

Pineapple Costa Rica has a dispute on many social and environmental problems. . A regular worker works tirelessly for 80 hours and he only gets $83 per week. Isn’t that unfair? It’s against all social norms to work in such unhealthy conditions for so many hours and then getting paid so low.

2.1 harmful to the environment.

Most workers are quiet because they have a constant fear of being deported back to their hometowns. After a severe downfall in the European markets, the first thing that decreased was the pays of these poor workers working at pineapple Costa Rica. pineapples have a huge demand all around the U.S. In reports, only 2% of the workers working at pineapple Costa Rica are union members, and even those workers have little pay that they feel ashamed. Sexual abuse is also prevalent in this area. Women get no posts because they ask for maternity leave later on. Pineapple Costa Rica is an unfair place for all those workers working there, risking their lives. 

3. What are the health problems at Pineapple Costa Rica?

Human and environmental problems are some of the significant issues that this world is facing in every department. The biggest problem is that pineapple harvesting requires a lot of chemicals and pesticides. As we all know, the maximum number of pineapple exports happens from pineapple Costa Rica; for this reason, almost 50 types of chemicals spray for higher pineapple yields.

 The most dangerous of those pesticides is a toxic agrochemical by the name of paraquat. Paraquat is declared illegal in the European Union as well as the United States of America.

pineapple costa rica

This pesticide is so harmful that it can cause birth defects in all those families living in Costa Rica. That is why no pregnant woman should live near that area. People who live there have been depriving of basic needs of life such as drinking water. All the chemicals cause water contamination and environmental degradation.

There are many other problems, such as respiratory problems and skin diseases. After finding out significant birth abnormalities, people have started to drink water from government tanks.

4. Is pineapple Costa Rica following the laws? 

Law enforcement is pretty weak in pineapple Costa Rica. Since we all know that water pollution is a crime, but no one is taking any action. Most of the pineapples in our markets come from pineapple Costa Rica. 

They also play a massive role in the export sector of America. Knowing that Rica pineapples are mostly impure, the government is still being lazy in taking any steps further.

 It’s a law that anyone working under such hazardous conditions should only work for a maximum of six hours every day. Still, workers in Costa Rica are working tirelessly for sixteen hours. Who are to blame? The U.S government is to blame for all this. 

4.1 A road to betterment in pineapple Costa Rica

 Seeing people suffer in the miserable conditions of the Costa Rica pineapple industry, the government has taken a good step, and that is an implementation of a 5-year moratorium. They have also reduced the use of pesticides through a proper legislature. Water supplies have also been cleaned.

 We should be happy to know that political parties have taken steps to improve the conditions of all the workers working in pineapple Costa Rica. They have also increased the wages of those workers. Females have also started working there with a paid maternity leave. 

CRUSA stands for The Costa Rica USA Foundation for Cooperation. They have invested $4 million to improve rural working conditions in 2017. Moreover, they already have banned the use of Paraquat since 2008.

However, the government will take steps in the upcoming years to improve the sustainability of the pineapple labourers. Pineapple plantation will remain the same but will take a bit longer

pineapple costa rica

The world’s first pink pineapple is the Costa Rica pink pineapple grown in Costa Rica farms. They have a lower level of enzymes and a pink pigment called Lycopene. The same pigment that gives tomatoes and watermelon their colour. They are safe to use and sold at $49 in some places. 

Once pineapples harvest, they transport them through trucks and aeroplanes to different countries. They are packed in plastic wrapping, so to save them from any harm. Pineapples themselves have a solid cover to keep them safe from anything. Have you ever tried tinned pineapples?

Those pineapples transport differently. They are usually placed vertically or horizontally in a tin. This placement creates the space between all fruits. One should keep the temperature at 7 degrees for 10-12 days. 

We hope this article helped you clear any doubts about the pineapple industry. Enjoy eating your pineapples.