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Pineapple harvest week 42.

This week was a very busy week. We not alone had to the regular maintenance and upkeep but we also ...
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Land for Sale Costa Rica

With its tropical climate, warm temperatures and spectacular beaches Costa Rica is on the TOP 10 list of where people ...
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Farm Invest Costa Rica

Benefits when you Invest Costa Rica Farming? If you are willing to start a project such as “farm invest Costa ...
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Pineapple Farm Costa Rica

What is the Ideal Environment for Pineapple Farm Plantation Pineapple is a tropical fruit that grows only in certain regions ...
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Pineapple farm


Lot 4A and 4B. Total 39.231 On Sat the 18th we managed to send 4 full loads - 21.600 pineapples ...
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Farm invest Costa Rica. Land for sale

New plantings

We continue to plant to ensure a continued production. Out planting rate is about 20.000 seedlings per week resulting in ...
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