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Our Farmland Features:

  • 67 ha farm for sale in Costa Rica.
  • Superb location right on the main road.
  • 40 ha is suitable for mechanized crops.
  • Crop value as of 01/04/2022 more than $420.000.

Story of A farmland in Costa Rica

The farm is being operated with an absent owner and the current owner has operated the farm for almost 9 years.

During this time he has developed a very cost efficient structure,
which has made the farm very successful. The owner has managed to to decrease the costs by almost 35%
by ensuring that the suppliers will match the lowest available price as well as ensuring that
most of the work done on the farm is done as “piecework” by contractors and not on an hourly basis.

The farm is managed locally by a very experienced agricultural accounting manager that ensures that money
is spent correctly and effectively, and that all liabilities and receivables are handled in a proper manner.

The farm supervisor from Costa Rica and has more than 20 years of field experience.

There is also a part-time agricultural chemical engineer that visits the farm once or twice per week.
He is considered one of the best in his field, and has more than 30 years experience.

 He is currently the daily manager for one of the largest chemicals suppliers in the country.
He ensures that the pineapples that are produced are of the best quality possible.

Current and Future Crops

As of 04/2022, we have 19 ha pineapple in the ground. We are currently working on planting the last ha over the next 7-10 days, before the dry season arrives.  A planting rate of around 1.25 ha a month allows us to have evenly distributed crops through-out the year. This allows us continued planting and harvesting throughout the year. A potential buyer could increase the area of planting to almost 40 ha with some further landscaping and preparation. This would not only double the revenue but also increase the profit margin allowing for a better rate of return.



Pending on the market prices the revenue fluctuates
from $20.000 per ha to about $31.000 / ha.

The costs are heavily dependent on how the farm is managed.
Our average cost pr ha is $11.000.

02/2022 **The net revenue is currently $11.000 pr ha.**

Buy a farm in Costa Rica, and enjoy a secure farm investment
in Costa Rica within the food industry. One of the most secure investments anyone can make.

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