Buy farm Costa Rica

Buy farm Costa Rica: This farm property is located in a prime location north of San Carlos in the region of Los Chiles. The farm has easy access to the main road which goes from Muelle to Los Chiles and onwards into Nicaragua. 

This pineapple farm provides a high return on investment. With a high percentage of agricultural land (60%) is it a solid and secure investment. This agricultural farm has 67 ha of land for sale. Buy a farm in Costa Rica. which is probably the best post-Covid-19 business opportunity in Costa Rica.

buy farm costa rica

The Costa Rica real estate market is very diverse from mountain properties, or land with teak trees villas with beautiful views over the sea. These are great as recreational retreats however, for a real business opportunity, which actual and proven sales, this pineapple farm has it all. Buy farm Costa Rica consist of 67 ha of land of which 40 ha are suitable for mechanized crops such as pineapples. This teak farm for sale is right on the main road, with no need of travelling on gravel roads.

Other buy farm Costa Rica farms include the fruit trees farms in San Isidro some have river frontage for easy irrigation. Buy farm Costa Rica is the most sensible decision that one can make right now, post covid 19. It will provide any family with a very comfortable way of living. With ROI’s in the region of 15-18% per year up to 26% per year, one will be able to increase the production level from 20 ha to 40 ha. 

It is the best tourist area in Costa Rica

Buy farm Costa Rica is located about 40 min away from the touristic area for Lake Arena / Fortuna and about 3h away from Golf Dulce. Many commercial properties are also available in these regions or development land however, these only provide a positive balance sheet 6-7 months a year during the touristic season. The Golfo Dulce, or Sweet Gulf, sits between the Osa Peninsula and Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coastline

Development land is another possibility, but this requires that you have a niche product to sell as most towns already have the required facilities from Hotels and guest houses to small cafés and shops. Many people also look to purchase farms near Playas Del Coco so that they can relax in the wonderful coastal weather. However, these farms seldom have a viable income and are only used as retreats. 

None of these farms have a steady income month in and month out, year on end.  Buy farm Costa Rica has a viable income for a large family. It will be able to generate about $200.000 per year like it, and should it be fully utilized to about 40 ha.

It will be able to generate double that. Oceanview farm for sale by Dominical Real Estate and agent Saul Rasminsky view all our listings in Costa Rica. Buy a farm in Costa Rica might not give you spectacular views over the Golf Dulce or ocean but it will provide a secure income for you and your family to enjoy in the years to come.

Below you will find a little selection of our unique Costa Rica farm and mountain real estate listing. Properties in Costa Rica Real Estate listings include the most beautiful farming areas and homes for sale in the mountains of Costa Rica.

Investing in Costa Rica Buy farm for sale

Investing in  Costa Rica farms for sale will allow a tropical life combined with a secure income/capital gain. A secure income stream from selling fresh pineapples all year round. Farms on the mountains are picturesque from this farmland but are only usable for cattle, coffee plantations, and orchards of lemons, oranges, avocados, and bananas. None of them are able to provide the same rate of return for a pineapple buy farm in Costa Rica.

buy farm costa rica

Adapting to buy farm Costa Rican Lifestyle

As many Ticos’ favorite expression is manana too many it might seem like the perfect place to live. Moreover, it is for many. Having said that it is rather frustrating for some ex-pats where weeks to install an internet connection or waiting several days for restoring your power after an outage is a norm.


Buy farm Costa Rica is such a beautiful country. You can relax on the beach or go for a swim in the warm waters. Another option for the weekend is a nice mountain hike with spectacular mountain views. 

This can be done in the cool mountains during summer and you can even take a plunge beneath waterfalls. Buy farm Costa Rica really has something to satisfy any member of the family to the most driven adventure seeker. Buy farm Costa Rica is located in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. 

There is little land for sale with such a perfect location right on the main road. This provides easy access for the pineapple trucks when they need access to the agricultural land and the pineapples. A tropical country with temperatures ranging between 12-27°C (70-81°F) year-round. If you are trying to escape the cold of your home country only seasonally or for the long haul, this country is ideal for you.

buy farm costa rica

buy farm Costa Rica is one of the best countries in which to retire or start a business. This is thanks to its various visas that allow foreigners to remain in the country without a steady job. In addition, if you own a property or a farm you will be eligible for residency and a passport.

Why buy a farm in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is not just a popular place for ex-pats to settle down. It is also a thriving tourist destination. Tourism opens up more job opportunities both for locals and ex-pats. But that in turn also leads to higher cost of living and crowding and traffic in some touristic areas.

Crime in buy fram Costa Rica: 

  • Crime in buy farm Costa Rica is very low. However, if you do buy a house, but only use it seasonally, you might experience some minor theft and property damage during the months while you are away.
  • The country is rather small, and only has 2 international airports. Traveling roads over long distances often takes more time than expected due to heavy traffic on single/double lane roads.
  • Expect a hot, (very hot) and humid climate. And at the same time rain is very common in this tropical climate. Rain often comes in the form of heavy downpours and floods are not uncommon.

Costa Rica Farms and Ranches

Buying a farm or ranch anywhere in Costa Rica doesn’t have to be difficult – makes land buying a breeze. Costa Rica has a lot of agricultural activity and farms and ranches for sale are very important in our inventory. Any farm or crop you are looking for, we will find you the right location for you.

Farm for sale costa rica 

Securing acreage in Costa Rica is becoming an increasingly popular focus for investors on both an individual and an institutional level. Whether your focus is agricultural, recreational, development-focused, conservation, or simply long-term land banking, there are incredible opportunities and values in the farm market here in Costa Rica. Farms, typically referred to here locally as Finca’s are properties that have larger acreage and provide a diverse range of opportunities for owners and investors.

Costa Rica pineapple

Costa Rica: Sustainable Pineapple. In the global pineapple market that generates $2,000 million per year, Costa Rica dominates the landscape with two out of three pineapples coming from its very own producers.

buy farm costa rica

Pineapple monocultures are causing serious negative impacts on the environment and on local communities. Even though small and independent farmers exist, big transnational companies such as Dole or Del Monte maintain all of the power. They set the price to pay to small farmers. Endorsing the already existing inequalities in some of the low-income areas of the countries. Pineapple Fruit Growing in a Field in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica Stock

Pineapples affect sloth populations

In Costa Rica, rescue centers and sanctuaries are receiving a high number of baby sloths with genetic abnormalities.  Most of them show similar deformities: missing or extra fingers/toes, partial or full albinism, misshapen limbs, or malformed ears. Most of these orphaned sloths don’t survive more than a few months. And Some of them might reach adulthood but they won’t ever be able to be reintroduced into the wild.

invest in Costa Rica

If you are looking to establish your business or company in Costa Rica. I can help guide you to so your company because you can start its way in Costa Rica efficiently. My promise is to provide you with all my business connections in Costa Rica And so it is very easy for you to start this new chapter, in this beautiful country. We will guide you to legal specialists in different areas like commercial, residency status, investment incentives in Costa Rica

How can I invest in Costa Rica?

The most popular way to invest in Costa Rica is through real estate, and there are good reasons for that. The country has become increasingly popular with the baby boomer generation for its choice of vacation and retirement homes.

Why You Should Invest in Costa Rica

As one of the friendliest, safest, and politically stable countries in Latin America. There’s no question why people are rushing to move to Costa Rica. Not only is the country beautiful, with a variety of fun to be had, it’s also financially sound, making Costa Rica a great country for investment.