buy the best farm for sale Costa Rica

What is the best farm for sale in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is the best farm for sale rugger rainforest located in the topmost location of Central America; that is why Costa Rica real estate is increasing day by day. Where once the farm cost 5million dollars, it now costs 10million dollars. Rates have doubled in a matter of time. 

 Costa Rica is one of the most breathtaking places on earth—protected in the in-depth jungles having the most beautiful views and the most precious creatures such as birds, monkeys, and other unique wildlife that can’t be seen anywhere else. Most people know about the famous Golfo Dulce gulf in Costa Rica. Properties in Costa Rica are increasing in demand since it’s a little heaven on earth. 

 The lush green gardens, fruit trees, beaches, volcanoes, and cultural values uphold great importance. 

 Are you looking for a bit of a getaway? Then Costa Rica is the best option for you as you can rent beautiful farms and forget all the troubles and worries of life. San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica, and its panoramic views are worth seeing. San Carlos in Costa Rica has many beautiful farms for sale. 

Let’s now see some of the most beautiful farms for sale in Costa Rica.

1. Costa Rica organic farm retreat.

This farm for sale in Costa Rica covers a vast area of about 99 acres. The property is located on the grounds of Finca Divina. It’s a luxury home and cacao and herb farm on the top of a beautiful mountain. The ocean views make it more scenic. 

1.1 farm for sale Costa Rica benefit

Anyone who needs to enjoy nature and take a relaxing break from life, this luxury Sanctuary is for him. It has a gentle walk-through of herb and cacao gardens which bring peace to mind. 

 This healing home provides nourishment to the mind and soul; thus, it is the best farm for sale in Costa Rica

 The Luxury home consists of 5 outclass bedrooms with four attached baths. The luxury home also consists of a guesthouse. In that guesthouse, there are two guestrooms and one bathroom. All necessary appliances equip the house, this includes items for the kitchen as well as the other rooms. 

1.2 Properties in Costa Rica Real Estate listings include the most beautiful farming areas

 It also has a swimming pool that is free of chemicals. The massage room makes this farm for sale in Costa Rica a top pick for all. There is a good yoga platform and many other activities to look forward to.

The 10-acre organic cacao and herb in Divina Vida above the hills of Parrita, Costa Rica, is a certified organic farm for sale that follows pomiculture to produce these healing herbs. Additionally, these healing herbs are later used in chocolates, teas, tinctures, and capsules. The public road is also nearby, making the building lot worth it. 

Buying this already functioning farm will expand your business to many folds. If you already run an organic herb business, you must consider buying this farm for sale in Costa Rica. Currently, the farm is filled with fruit trees. The herbs produced are coconuts, ginger, turmeric, cacao, acerola cherries, passionflower, guanabana, cinnamon, tulsi, mango, starfruit, hibiscus flowers, and a lot more other herbs that can be used in medicines. 

1.3 Easily find farms for sale in Costa Rica 

This place also has seventy-acre land with water. The land is still not developed, and if you buy the land, you could potentially benefit a lot financially. The spectacular view of La Cangreje Valley makes it a sight worth seeing. 

 Flora and fauna, the birds, and the retreat house are excellent for spending a vacation. It has longer retreats and hiking tracks made. Swimming or horseback ride is also nearby if you want to do an outing. La Cangrega national park is nearby, giving the best living experience ever. This farm itself is a spiritually uplifting place.

 Incredible waterfalls can be found within the range of 3km, and natural pools are also made. The Pacific Ocean is only 25 minutes away.

 Outdoor recreations such as zip ling across the tropical forests and other fun activities at Quepos canton are also available near this farm for sale in Costa Rica. Boat tours, rafting, and safaris are everyday recreational activities close to this town. 

This area also holds a vital tourism role. Near this farm, there are many new tourist projects and hotels for tourists. Estero Beach is a great place to visit.

2. Farm for sale Costa Rica waterfront mountain eco.

farm for sale Costa Rica
farm for sale Costa Rica

This land for sale has 859.91 acres of land. It costs about $12,790,000, and the view lot is only a few minutes to the beaches. If you are looking for solid business investment, this topographical location is the best choice. The waterfront mountain land has a groomed gravel road and a paved path. The Rio Seco river attaches to this land providing tonnes of opportunities. 

 This spectacular farm for sale in Costa Rica is planned with a master vision to be merged with the Ocean Park Ranch. A site is excellent for building a lifestyle resort that serves all age groups. The densely populated forests make it a fantastic resort property.

The farm for sale in Costa Rica can be sold to different parties and sellers who can plan it perfectly. A master plan for this area will give maximum earning.

This vast place can serve thirty residential lots having an area of 1.25 acres each. It requires your plan so that it does not harm the green areas in any way, and furthermore, generations can benefit from it. It can also be a coastal destination for the locals of Costa Rica as the weather is excellent.

3. Farm, trout, three cabins, house, river

farm for sale costa rica

 A great build lot with a total area of eighteen acres proves to be one of the most refreshing locations ever. It costs $349,000.

 A great place to earn a handsome amount of income with growing recreational and touristic value.

3.1 Benefit Farm for sale & trout

The trout farm for sale in Costa Rica has beautiful waterfalls, four freshwater ponds, and a river frontage.

 The large rancho is permitted to be used as a restaurant. It has a wood-fired grill, a cooking area, and serving tables and stools. Anyone looking to start a restaurant business, then this place is a significant investment. 

 The renting cabins are a perfect tourist attraction with a large parking area to operate a restaurant. It even has a metal storage building to keep all the fish food, equipment, and supplies. 

 Each rental cabin consists of one bedroom and one bathroom attached. There is also a wooden cabin with two stories, out of which the first story is a fully equipped kitchen with just a minor fixation. 

3.2 three cabins, house, river.

 Apart from the rental cabins, there is also the main house. The main house has a breathtaking and scenic view from the windows. You can hear the waterfalls, the peaceful sound of the river, and the humming of birds.

The other two wooden lodges from this farm for sale in Costa Rica have two bedrooms and two bathrooms attached. These two homes have made up of a durable timber frame. The kitchen can serve a commercial purpose. There is also a great workshop at the back of the lodges and a roomy tool storage building to keep all the tools and equipment. 

 The patio has a hot tube as well as a sundeck to relax. Fruit trees like orange, avocado, grapefruit, banana, lemon, and other trees are present. Agricultural farming can be done, and crops can be grown.

 Two acres of this farm for sale in Costa Rica are used for coffee production. The place also has a large horse stable. 

 Don’t wait and seize this excellent opportunity to buy a farm in Costa Rica for a business purpose if you are looking for land to buy.

4. AC self-sufficient farm for sale

pineapple farm
farm for sale costa rica

The self-sufficient farm for sale in Costa Rica is situated on Tanque Pejibaye Rd. It covers an area of 9.20 acres and costs $199,900.

If you are looking for a peaceful retirement place where you can relax and enjoy nature and earn some income, then this farm for sale in Costa Rica is a perfect choice for you, and you must consider this option. 

The wooden cabin has two newly rebuilt bedrooms with one bathroom. The wooden cabin has made up of native laurel and in addition expensive and durable woods. The kitchen and bathroom have wooden flooring.

Moreover, the two newly made rustic cabins have two bedrooms each and a sleeping loft as well. One of them is a treehouse. Each cabin has a tiki hut with an extra wood-fired grill.

4.1 Ac Self Sufficient Farm, 2 Cabins

We have planted thousands of coffee plants upwards. These are excellent sources of income for a potential investor. There are also many new fruit trees such as grapefruit, lemon, mango, tangerine, banana, avocado, and pejibaye palms. 

 Both cabins have a supply of fresh spring water and are better than drinking fresh spring water. It’s the most significant advantage of living in this area. 

 Extra area is available to plant all kinds of fruit and vegetable plants. Pasture area for cow, horse and hog grazing is also available. A greenhouse and a bamboo area add value to this farm for sale in Costa Rica. 

 Recreational activities such as rafting, boating, tubing, swimming, and fishing are also nearby across the road. 

 All necessities are available in the nearby town of Pejibaye, just two miles from this location. 

5.Riverfront 5AC-2B.2B home

buy farm for sale costa Rica

The 5acre land being one of the best properties in Costa Rica is available for $375000 at the Cachi Orosi valley. 

 The farm for sale Costa Rica also known as a farm of smiles in Penas Blancas de Cachi, also known as Cartago, is a dreamland. The house in it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms attached. 

 There is also a dining room which has glass doors and windows. Both the doors lead to the front and back patios. A library is also there, including a bookcase and a central art gallery. Every corner of the house is entirely decorated. The ceilings are high-built with cool iron beams. There are office corners, and both the bedrooms are leading to the back patios. 

 In-house laundry and kitchen are worth seeing additionally. the kitchen is fully equipped with all the things a professional chef might require. It has a gas cooktop, a double sink, an electric oven, a single sink on the other side, and a walk-in pantry. 

 5.1 Gorgeous Riverfront Estate home 

For extra storage, there are drawers available. At the end of the house, there is a master suite. The master suite is a perfect guesthouse for the guests. 

 The house is made in a ranch-style construction which has two patios and a massive 1.5 car garage. The housing area is about 4400 sq ft, and the corpse is majestic gardens adjoin each other. 

 The house and best farm for sale in Costa Rica were constructed in 2009, and it is enclosed with a durable sliding iron gate. The rock entrance of the house makes it look more attractive. 

 The farm for sale in Costa Rica is sound and serene, where the rushing crystal clear river can be heard all the time. It is just a few yards from the house. Tropical greenery and lush green plants make you feel peaceful. 

The house also has a small valley. Mountain tops and other building sites can be seen from the patio of the house. There is a high waterfall that can provide fresh water all year long. It’s a miny paradise getaway. 

 Other necessities are just within walking distance. The bus stop is nearby. There is also a 5-star restaurant at a 25 minutes walk and a trout restaurant at 8 minutes walk. 

The traffic around this area is meager, so there will be less noise and crowd. Trash pickup service is available twice a week, and high-speed internet is available 24/7.

6. Farm for sale Costa Rica ranch lodge adventure.

Farm for sale Costa Rica ranch lodge adventure

If you are looking for an adventurous area to live in and do business in, then this 400 acres farm for sale in Costa Rica is a choice of worthy. It costs $1500000 and is located in Provincia De. Guanacaste.

This farm for sale in Costa Rica is the best opportunity in Central America. Costa Rica has known for its hospitality business and ranch property. If you are looking for a farm for sale Costa Rica real estate investment, then this land is for you. It will give you a lifetime of excellent quality. 

 It’s an actual theme park farm for sale in Costa Rica known as Land Vida Adventure Nature Park. The adventurous lush landscape and mountain valleys national park spread to 400 acres of area. This warm vacation spot has an abundant supply of water all year long.  

6.1 This is the place where true adventure begins

The pasture sides of this farm for sale in Costa Rica will keep all the livestock well-fed. If anyone enjoys hiking, this park has an extensive hiking trail where lush green pastures and flora, and fauna surround you. You can see white-faced monkeys and different kinds of birds around this park.

 This fully-developed park farm for sale in Costa Rica is a significant investment being a perfect tourist attraction. You can build different campsites and allow the people to enjoy a family BBQ.

 Many fun activities like zip-lining and horseback riding can be done. Guests enjoy this experience of a lifetime with mud baths and thermal pools for relaxation. 

 The apartment has four bedrooms with two attached bathrooms. It also has a living room and a fully-equipped kitchen. 

 The restaurant also has a fully equipped kitchen and a large dining area. The serving area is close to the pool and the bathrooms are also well equipped. This farm for sale in Costa Rica is a top pick for you.