buy farm Costa Rica for a fantastic price

To buy a farm in Costa Rica can be a hell of a challenge. Despite all the beautiful farms and properties there, you can get confused. We are here to help you choose the best farm for yourself.

Why is it important to buy a farm in Costa Rica?

We can’t tell you how essential it is to invest your money in the right place. Buying land is not a few bucks; you need millions and billions of dollars to buy a reliable farm. To buy a farm in Costa Rica, you need to do extensive research on what to get and what not to get.

Costa Rica is the most beautiful in Central America, with great access to the Central Pacific and South Pacific waters.  The main attractions included teak farms, lush green gardens, agricultural land, and the most stunning ocean view.

If you are looking for a farm with ample acreage, Costa Rica should be the top pick. Prices here are increasing day by day. Costa Rica real estate is touching new heights, so it’s better to invest your money as soon as possible.

There are no laws for retailers in Costa Rica, so you have to be vigilant when you buy a farm, Costa Rica. Always buy land from a licensed realtor or a person with a personal reference. Lands here possess great business qualities. If you are thinking of starting up a business related to tourism, you have come to the right place.

San Carlos and San Isidro are some of the top places to look at a farm, away from the residential development zones.

Properties for sale in Costa Rica.

1.Large farm with waterfall and riverfront in Santa Ana.

buy farm costa rica

The easy access to this large farm is located at the end of the road and is a piece of paradise on this earth. The beautiful farm is a 163-acre farm located in the central valley. It has everything that one can imagine from great jungle patches to cultivable land.

There are several flat areas for reforestation and reconstructing something of use.

The farm’s highest point touches the height of 1100ft. The farm has space enough for a two-story home, in addition, the farm also has space for a smaller house.

1.1 natural place farming and agriculture.

Are you looking for a friendly, safe, and natural place to abode in and earn from farming and agriculture?

The Guabo River has seven springs erupting. The river flows all year round, giving a chance to hear the beautiful river sound. It’s a dream place to live in.

The most beneficial mountain properties have a proper electricity facility all the time. The farm of Platanillo has distant valley views giving spectacular views.

The location of this farm has easy access to everything. All necessities are available in the surrounding towns, so no need to worry about the groceries. The property is located only five minutes away from the beach as well as the main highway.

The locals of this area have a very friendly nature, and they will guide you in everything. The farm for sale has a market nearby. It also has a butcher and bakery only a few minutes away.

All restaurants, shops, and markets are 20 minutes away, and if you want to go to another city, then the city of San Isidro, also the largest city in Costa Rica, is 35 minutes away. This is a great weekend getaway for both tourists and Costa Rican‘s alike.

If you want to turn this farm into agricultural land, that won’t be an issue, too, as every Thursday, there is a large farmer’s market where you can hire farmers for your land and start planting. It’s a great deal for the money, so don’t miss it out.

2.Self-sustainable organic farm with seven homes.

buy farm costa rica
buy farm costa Rica

Buy farm Costa Rica for a fantastic price, again in Platanillo. This place also has seven homes that were established in 1996. Moreover, the organic farm has been providing organic products to all the nearby communities for more than 20 years, so if you are thinking of a big investment, then this place is for you.

Living a healthy life that is free of chemicals and only eating healthy and organic products, then this farm is an ideal land of choice.

It’s great for agriculture as there is abundant rain and sunshine for crops to grow. The elevation of this place makes it an excellent place with tall lush green vegetation and fruit trees. The harvest of all these trees and plantations started 20 years back. Additionally, almost 50 varieties of plants have been grown over the last 15 years. The owners of this place earn high income through the seasonal harvests.

Other than agriculture, this place has enormous pasture areas for livestock grazing making it a perfect buy farm in Costa Rica. The farm has several freshwater springs, as well as a seasonal river and several ponds that are stocked with Tilapia. The freshwater spring provides an abundant supply to the farm and crops There is also a city AyA supply of water in case there is a water shortage.

Solar panels provide electricity all the time. Other farm operations can be easily carried out. This farm has a goat house, a bunny house, a sheep house, a chicken coop, an outdoor rancho, a dry room, a wood-burning oven, and two large greenhouses for seasonal vegetation growing.

2.1 Buy farm Costa Rica; the best self-sustainable farm is the best opportunity for you.

On this farm there are seven houses, more so each of which is fully furnished and ready to move in. These houses are perfect rental opportunities as they can be rented out to nearby family and members of the same family can have their own separate houses. Each of the 7 houses has a different name. Bamboo house, Cedar house, Mango house, Akee house, Ylang Ylang house, Christopher Robins house, and Tico house.

All the houses near the best buy farm in Costa Rica are built from durable local hardwoods and are fully furnished except for personal items. The furniture used is all handcrafted furniture.

The Bamboo house has an area of 2000sqft, and it has three bedrooms, one ordinary bathroom, and one composting bathroom. There is also an office located in the house.

The Tico house has two bedrooms with two attached bathrooms and two sleeping lofts. It covers an area of 2200sqft. All rooms and bathrooms are newly renovated. The Akee house has one bedroom and one bathroom, and it covers an area of the only 400sqft.

The Mango House contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a loft and measures 1.950 sq ft.

The Ylang Ylang house has four small bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a loft. This house has many rooms but is small. It covers an area of 1650sqft. Ylang Ylang has an old built, no new renovations.

The Cedar House is a tiny apartment with only one bedroom and one bathroom in about 600sqft.

2.2 beautiful organic farm

The Christopher Robins house has an appealing name but has only two bedrooms and two bathrooms spreading to an area of 700sqft.

This beautiful organic farm has an income potential that can touch millions and millions of dollars—selling organic products such as meat, eggs, etc. This farm can be used as a restaurant, a rental guesthouse, or a hotel. A public road leads to many destinations.

Throughout time a tradition was followed in this place. People used to gather on Thursday nights to enjoy “Soil to Farm to Table.” The tradition continues today in nearby towns which allow the township to enjoy seasonal dinners and traditional organic food together.

The farming infrastructure is the best buy farm in Costa Rica. It’s easily accessible by all and gives beautiful views of Costa Rica farm. Not more development of land is needed as it’s already developed. The dominical beach is only twenty minutes away. The famous Nauyaca waterfall is only a few minutes away from this farm. It’s the best place for tourism as it’s only 35 minutes away from the biggest city of San Isidro and the best local market is only 7 minutes away.

Buy farm Costa Rica; the best self-sustainable farm is the best opportunity for you.

3.Private Ocean view home and farm

buy farm costa rica
buy farm costa Rica

 There isn’t a better-looking buy farm in Costa Rica for you than this. If you want to spend your living in a modern style but with nature surrounding you, this perfect wooden house near Dominical in Hatillo is the right choice for you.

Buy farm Costa Rica, a stunning custom-built house with remarkable features and an outlook. There are three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in this house. The fully furnished modern-looking living room is spacious. It has an open kitchen. The kitchen opens up to a balcony which gives a refreshing ocean view.

This house is perfect for a newlywed couple. The kitchen is fully equipped with most accessories. It’s a great summer house with a pool. The master room balcony opens up to the pool for spectacular views. The rancho can be covered for any festivities.

However, the property is spread to about 11 acres, and all of it is mountain landscaping. The trees surrounding this farm are years old. The trails of the jungle are perfect for a walk.

This house and farmland can be rented out, used as a guest house, or used for personal use. The choice is yours. However, you want to invest. The weather here is fantastic as the ocean breeze keeps it cool. Still, the house has inbuilt air conditioning.

The land is vast enough to build guest houses, a small community, or caretaker quarters. The mountain landscaping is of great use.

The biggest surf town of Jaco is just 10 minutes away from this house. There are many recreational activities near this place, such as zip-lining, parasailing, scuba diving. It’s a perfect place to spend your summer vacation at.

4.Unique Development Property overlooking the Pristine Golfito.

buy farm costa rica

The development land in Golfo Dulce has significant environmental impacts and is located in Southern Costa Rica. The elevated placement of this unique farm has extraordinary features.

Buy farm Costa Rica for a breathtaking front view of the activity in the bay. You can see dolphins swimming as well as whale breaching –both of these are commonly seen directly from this farm. Cruises and fishing boats enter and leave this beautiful bay at Golfito.

The green valleys, ocean view ridgelines, and the old-growth rainforest make this place worth living and having one of the best high views of the mountain tops and lower elevations, providing perfect green zones for agricultural farming and pastures.

property with views of the Golfito

The private rainforest has abundant animal life and provides a sanctuary to many different animals. The rainforest is a perfect place to go hiking and it contains a fully developed internal road system.

Buy farm Costa Rica is easily accessible by a public road, and there are several internal roads for private entrances. Buy farm Costa Rica, the most secured property with ultra-exclusive development and a guard system.

Costa Rica’s tourism is an essential industry for the country and Costa Rica is easily accessed by sea, air, and land. Tourists from all around the world come here in search of peace and serenity. New highways and bridges were constructed in Costa Rica over the last decade, and the Golfito airport is only 10 km away from this farm property. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy a farm in Costa Rica.

A good community that is growing day by day surrounds this beautiful place. All shopping centres, restaurants, and markets are nearby. Retails outlets offer affordable products.

You have spectacular farm views, in addition to panoramic whitewater ocean views as well as the historic bayfront “Golfito bay”. The new marina is also visible from buying a farm in Costa Rica.

5.Off-the-Grid farm with orchards and home sites.


buy farm costa rica

Tico, a home farmer, owns the land. He plants everything from fruits to vegetables. There is also a sanctuary for the animals and a rainforest. He has been planting all these crops for 25 years now. The pasture land is also available for horses, cows, and other animals. Off-grid is the best buy in Costa Rica.

This place holds a long history of agriculture as it was first purchased by gringo family in the 1970s. The famous Mountain top which is known among the Ticos as “the sleeping Indian” is also visible. Having utmost beauty in its raw form, this farm holds a special place.

The beautiful Pacific ocean and several beaches are nearby so buy a farm in Costa Rica. If you want a recreational activity, then you can enjoy one at some minute’s drive only. Buy a farm in Costa Rica that you can use as a commercial property/business or perhaps as a holiday retreat in wonderful surroundings.