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Why is Costa Rica known for its Pineapple Production?

 Costa Rica is the most developing area in Central America. As Costa Rica develops in all places such as real estate. And stocks, and tourism, one significant development is the pineapple plantations in pineapple Costa Rica. Latin America is famous for its pineapple exports.

"pineapple Costa RicaCosta Rican pineapple has increased in overwhelming prices for a long time. Back in 2019, the rate of one pineapple was $0.43 per kg, wherein in 2021, it has doubled. 

The costs will increase in the coming days, and the pineapple exports will also increase. Pineapple Costa Rica is exported to entire Europe. 

 Since pineapple is a tropical fruit that only grows in some places. people rely on pineapple Costa Rica for its pineapple production. 

How are the social and environmental factors being affected by pineapple production? 

 The worse kind of effects this pineapple Costa Rica production has on people have been taken into notice. 

 The most significant issue is that the pineapple industry uses a lot of pesticides and toxic. These toxic chemicals are known as paracetamol. It is so harmful that it causes environmental degradation

 There are other 50 kinds of sprays sprayed to allow greater and better yields of pineapple in Costa Rica. These chemical sprays pose health issues to all the workers working in that industry. Pineapple Costa Rica can not grow without chemicals and pesticides. Also, the risk of birth defects in the slips (pineapple seeds), are kept at an acceptable level using chemicals.

If you have been to Costa Rica. If you are planning a Costa Rica vacation. One term you should be familiar with is “Pura Vida” (pronounced poo-rah vee-dah). 

 Other than that, there are severe human and environmental problems

 How are workers in Costa Rica being affected?

 Most of the pineapple workers are migrants from Nicaragua. they are very content with work.  The pineapple farms allow them to work longer hours than normal city jobs. and work overtime when needed.

 As such they are able to make 2-3 times. The salary that they would have been able to make at home in Nicaragua. The government ensures that those regular controls are done at the larger pineapple farms and pineapple companies.

 These people have been living in miserable conditions. Nunez, a worker there, says, ” I now have many chronic illnesses and so do my children. ” Their working conditions are so hazardous that they can even kill them and their children.

 In Costa Rica that large areas with pineapple production concern the general public as they are afraid of water contagion. The local water supplies are controlled and tested regularly to ensure. That the level of toxins and chemicals are below the regulatory limits for drinking water.

Workers affected by COVID-19

 The working conditions in Costa Rica pineapple production farms ensure that local workers have the possibility to support their families. These workers normally spend their entire lives working on these farms and some end up working as supervisors or managers. All workers are represented by local union members in that specific area. to ensure that their regulatory rights are given to them such as 13th-month salary and overtime payments.

 An average worker working in Costa Rica pineapple production only earns $100 a week. But can earn up to $150 a week with overtime. Which is 4 times more than he would have made in Nicaragua. 

They have the opportunity at some farms to collect their days off and go home once a month. Most Nicaraguans enjoy the possibilities that Costa Rica offers them. A secure job with a much better salary than they would ever make at home.

What steps have been taken for improvement?


Since pineapple, Costa Rica production holds an important place and health departments.  started banning pesticides and harmful chemicals, people become more aware daily. 

 Some steps have been taken to ensure that clean drinking water is available to all near the bigger producers. The most significant achievement so far is the 5-year suspension the government has implemented on the pineapple Costa Rica farm. 

 CRUSA has also given aid to improve the water condition and has invested $4 million for betterment. A few more years of age will be arranged for the homes of people who work at the Pineapple Pharmacy. Many other Costa Rican dependencies and investments should be easily invested to improve their quality of life.

 Pineapple monocropping is causing serious negative impacts on the environment and on local communities. They set the price to pay to small farmers, endorsing the already existing.  Disparities in some of the low-income areas of the countries. Even though small and independent farmers exist, the big transnational companies such as Dole or Del Monte maintain all of the power.

Health Risks & Environmental Degradation Pineapple Costa Rica 
Pineapple grows as an exclusive crop in these large trees. This lack of diversity in farming results in high levels of investment. pesticide and chemical use in order to maintain high yields.

Many communities bordering pineapple plantations. Now forced to rely on government tanks for drinking water after reports of skin disease. breathing problems, birth defects, and other illnesses.

The Real Cost of a Cheap Pineapple from Costa Rica – Sloth Conservation



In stores and supermarkets in North America and Europe. You can buy a pineapple from Costa Rica for just a couple of dollars. But what is the real cost behind that cheap price? 

the reduction in retail prices their positive objectives are being sabotaged. And aggressive procurement practices that lead to cuts in wages. and insufficient resources to improve working practices,” said Catherine Nicholson, CI’s program coordinator.

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