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Buy farm Costa Rica: located in a prime location. This pineapple farm provides a high return on investment. Food producing farm, agricultural farmland for sale. Buy farm Costa Rica, Great post-Covid-19 business opportunity. In this paragraph

Lot 4A and 4B. Total 39.231 On Sat the 18th we managed to send 4 full loads – 21.600 pineapples to the packing from lot 4a and lot 4b. The remaining pineapples (3 loads) were sent to the packing house yesterday and we are now waiting for the packing report. This week’s objective:

  1. Firstly, Plant 20.000 new seedlings.
  2.  Secondly, Complete maintenance on 1 tractor
  3. Thirdly, Complete erosion control
  • Trim trees around lot 4.
  • Complete 16 chemical applications.

Can you buy farm Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has plenty of medium-sized farms. Costa Rica’s small of debt has the advantage that you can grow crops from wherever you choose.

In this paragraph, The land totals 67 hectares, of which 40 hectares are suitable for pineapple or another tropical mechanized crop. Currently, 20 hectares have been prepared for mechanized crops. On the Pineapple farm in Costa Rica, there is a large home for the new owner or farm supervisor.

buy farm costa Rica
  1. FirstlyThere is also an employee home, with a separate area well suited for a big office or as such. A 48m deep water well is installed to ensure that water is available throughout the year. howeverIt has a storage capacity of 10.000 liters as well as an automatic pump. There is also a chemical shed and a large shed for the tractors and spray boom.

  2. SecondlyThe pineapple farm in Costa Rica is a turn-key business with a very generous income stream from day 1.

  3. Thirdly, The farm is fully operational and can be sold with or without equipment, machinery, and staff.