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Welcome to Agricola Los Lirios Farm, one of the best pieces of farmland for sale.  This Costa Rica Farm is a very profitable farm and can be used as an investment opportunity or simply a retirement plan. Moreover, this farm also offers itself as a prime investment opportunity in the heart of Costa Rica’s thriving agricultural sector. Spanning 67 hectares, of which 40 hectares perfectly suited for pineapple or other tropical crops.

This farm and its crops promises substantial returns on this Costa Rica agriculture investment. Currently, 20 hectares are prepared for mechanized crops and ensuring immediate revenue generation and a very healthy profit / ROI of almost 20%.

Featuring essential infrastructure such as a large home for the owner or farm supervisor, an employee residence, and an ample office. Additionally, a 48m deep water well with a storage capacity of 10,000 liters ensures year-round water availability. This feature is vital and work as agricultural success. This turn-key business offers convenience and efficiency as well as a proven track.

Being a fully operational farm it can be acquired with or without machinery and with or without staff. This flexibility allows investors to tailor their investment to suit their needs and objectives.

Investing in small farms has lots of risks. However, this farm presents numerous advantages. This productive farm offer a lucrative income stream from day one, making this investment opportunity particularly attractive. Whether you’re considering small farm investment opportunities or seeking to expand your agricultural portfolio, this farm provides a solid and proven foundation for success.

With its turnkey status and prime location in Costa Rica this farm represents a sound investment. Whether you’re interested in the potential returns of farm land investment or the strategic advantages of agricultural diversification, Agricola Los Lirios offers you both. Overall it is a compelling opportunity for investors seeking long-term growth and profitability in the agriculture sector.

Understanding Pineapple Farming Agricola Los Lirios

The Pineapple crop production at our farm has been optimized for efficiency and yield over the last 8 years. The farm’s strategic location in Costa Rica provides access to fertile soil and favorable climatic conditions. This further enhances the crop yields. Through very careful management and modern working processes, the farm maintains a year round supply of high-quality produce, contributing to its success and very sought after fruits.

Market Analysis and Demand Trends

Market analysis at this farm reveals promising regional and global trends for agricultural products and especially Pineapples from Costa Rica has been in high demand over the last 2-3 years. Moreover, consumer preferences drives demand even higher, with emerging markets offering new opportunities. The farm explores value-added products and niche markets, aligning itself with raising demand for tropical fruits such as Pineapples due to their nutrition.

Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies

The farm employs comprehensive risk management tactics to protect crop yields. Stringent pest and disease control measures are implemented, safeguarding against potential outbreaks. Moreover, adaptable climate change strategies, including crop diversification and water conservation methods, mitigate environmental risks. Perfect financial risk assessments ensure stability, with proactive measures to hedge against market fluctuations and optimize resource allocation.

Investment Opportunities in Crop Farming

Investment opportunities in crop farming at this farm offer a compelling proposition for investors seeking stable returns and sustainable growth. A total of 67 hectares of land in Costa Rica, including 40 hectares ideal for mechanized tropical crops like pineapple. The farm already has an established supply chain and a very sought after sales contract in place for 2024 and 2025. For these reasons the farm presents itself as a prime agricultural investment.

The strategic location of the farm in Costa Rica, renowned for its fertile soil and favorable climatic conditions, ensures optimal conditions for crop production. With 20 hectares already prepared for mechanized crops and the potential to expand, investors can very easily expand the current production and capitalize on the growing global demand for tropical fruits. The current buyer has already indicated that they are interested in extending of the current sales contract to include the extra 20 ha (1.600 ton / year) should an expansion take place.

The current infrastructure includes a large home for the farm supervisor, an employee house, and an office as well as essential amenities for operational efficiency. A deep water with huge storage capacity water availability, crucial for crop spraying and productivity. Additionally, there is a chemical shed and ample storage of chemicals and equipment to ensure a seamless operation.

The turn-key nature of pineapple farming in Costa Rica offers a lucrative income stream from day one, providing investors with immediate revenue generation. With the option to acquire the farm with or without equipment and staff, investors have the flexibility to tailor their investment to their preferences and objectives.

Investment Opportunities in Crop Farming

This farm’s focus on sustainable agricultural practices, including pest and disease control measures, climate change adaptation strategies, and financial risk assessment, mitigates potential risks and enhances long-term profitability. By prioritizing sustainability, our farm not only ensures environmental stewardship but also aligns with consumer preferences of locally sourced products.

Moreover, Costa Rica’s supportive regulatory environment and government incentives for agricultural development and rural investment create favorable conditions for Costa Rica farming investments. Subsidies, tax incentives, and grants aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development further enhance the financial viability of investing in our farm. With advanced tax planning the tax liability is currently 1%. Due to lots of advantages this farm presents an attractive proposition for investors looking to capitalize on the growth potential of the agriculture sector in Costa Rica.

Profitable Potential Farming Crops List

Financial Analysis and Projections

Financial analysis and projections are very important for assessing the investment potential of crop farming at our farm. Moreover, it is also important to know when you’re looking for farm investment opportunities. A cost-benefit analysis evaluates the initial investment against expected returns, considering factors like Costa Rica agricultural land acquisition, infrastructure, and operational expenses.

Revenue forecasting utilizes market trends and historical data to estimate crop yields and sales, informing profitability estimates. Key metrics such as gross margin, net profit, and return on investment (ROI) help evaluate profitability.

By assessing investment return metrics like internal rate of return (IRR) and payback period, investors can make informed decisions about the farm’s financial viability and potential returns.